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Opening for a young product designer!

Are you a young (in perspective, in approach, not necessarily in terms of age only) product designer (read: somebody who is interested in designing products, and has the required skills. We do not care very much about how you learnt what you learnt) who is looking for a studio culture that has a rigorous research-based design process? We are looking for one such person in Ahmedabad.

We are not interested in interacting with product design graduates who choose to make their alma mater their main self-introduction. We's like to know more about what you have personally done and what you are interested in. What do you like to do?

Our interests in design are very broad - from learning design to architecture to product design (but in the context of product design, we are looking at making tangible products only)... We want creative generalists who can apply a design process to multiple areas and do not feel the need to be bound by disciplines.

The process of joining our studio is simple - there is a three-month probation/training period and if everything goes well, we offer you a full-time position. During the probation/internship period we offer you Rs.15,000/month and on confirmation we offer you Rs.25,000/month.

As the candidate understands our design context more, we will of course figure a bigger role for him/her in the team.

All those who are interested please fill the form below:

(To know more about the work culture at Storyflock read this post.)

Prayas Abhinav

Prayas Abhinav

Prayas is an artist, teacher and entrepreneur. At present, he is working on a startup called Storyflock that has interests in e-learning, applied research and novel forms of content development.

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Opening for a young product designer!
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